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One of our clients is a well-established residential retirement home in Oxfordshire, providing outstanding facilities and a warm environment to their residents in their autumn years. This cosy establishment have requested anonymity for their testimonial out of consideration for their employees, but are more than complimentary about the service Gap HR have provided to help alleviate their concerns regarding human resources.

“Before we started working with Gap HR we had a few issues yes, and we needed help. Until these problems came up we possibly wouldn’t have bothered, but when we definitely needed the help, a friend of mine mentioned using a HR company”.

“Previously we dealt with all of our problems in-house and we also had a contact phone number for the insurance people for certain things, but it wasn’t good enough for HR really.”

“We tended to have a lot of day to day issues, general things like problems with working hours. Then we had a bigger problem with holiday pay issues. It wasn’t a terrible situation by all means but lots of little things had started to creep up.”

“Gap HR were recommended to me by a friend of Carolyne’s and they’ve been excellent. We’ve mostly dealt with her colleague Kym and she was also very, very good in helping us.”

“If I have any problems I just get in touch and one of the team will then write letters to the staff on our behalf, and they have been the ones who has done all of the work we needed on Excel for our holiday pay, it’s been really good.”

“One of the main benefits is just peace of mind for me personally, and also I’d say it’s definitely affected the workers because now they know we’re more professional.”

“Value for money is one of the main reasons we went to Gap HR, because we needed help with this holiday pay problem, we had to go back five years! It was a lot of work! This was such a big thing, we knew we had to get it done the right way, and get it zapped in the bud.”

“We’re very pleased with Gap HR, they’re doing our contracts at the moment and I would definitely recommend them as a very good and friendly company.”

“For a firm like us, it’s really helped.”

Care Home General Manager

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