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Brightside Dental are a transformational dentists based in North London, who provide long lasting dentistry to create a positive impact on the life of their clients. Many people are nervous and scared visiting the dentists, so it is of the utmost importance that the staff there are as professional and welcoming as possible. Brightside’s Ketan Shah can be assured that his employees are aware of their responsibilities now he has Gap HR working with him.

“I wanted things to be a lot better in terms of a business point of view, legality wise and for our employees so they are aware of what their rights are, where they stand and so things aBrightside dental logore a lot more clear-cut.”

“I tended to deal with staff issues myself. On the whole it was okay but what I would say is that it took a lot longer getting things resolved, and sometimes I didn’t correctly know the legality of certain situations. I wasn’t always fully confident with what I needed to be doing.”

“Normally I would get advice from certain companies that I work with that weren’t specifically HR based. Hiring a HR company was something I was thinking about anyway, but what prompted me was at a conference where we had a talk from a solicitor about HR.”

“A lot of my concern was around things we needed to be doing, and things we should not doing as an employer, and also in terms of employment rights, potential tribunals and so forth.”

“Gap HR came recommended to me by a friend and I was introduced to Carolyne. We had a chat, she sent me some information and we decided to go from there.”

“It was largely to take over any issues that may arise which are unforeseen within the practice, and standard things that we need to do in terms of contracts and employee handbooks. We do have contracts and we do have some kind of documents, but a lot of this was put together over time and not professionally done.”

“So far I’ve been really pleased and impressed, now that we’ve got to a point where all the contracts have been rewritten and they’re ready to be issued. An employee handbook has been created too so the initial things are done, and also what has occurred in the time I’ve been with Gap HR is I’ve had a few occasions where certain issues have come up with employees, and what I’ve been really impressed with is the way it has been handled in a fast and efficient manner.”

“Carolyne and the team are great, very friendly and straightforward to deal with. Especially for me when it comes to some of the legal jargon and things I don’t understand fully. They’ve made things very simple for me, which is great!”

“I’m really impressed, it’s only been a short time but I see us continuing for the future.”


Ketan Shah
Brightside Dental

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