Do I have to give employees redundancy pay?

Yes! If you employ anyone, be it a receptionist, sales person or nanny means that you have responsibilities under employment law. As is usual in law, ignorance is not a defence and will not protect you! You don’t need to pay redundancy to staff who have worked less than two years for you. You will … Read more

Tales of an HR Services Expert – Day 22: Employment tribunals

Big change! From 29 July 2013 disgruntled employees had to pay fees to start a tribunal claim. The minimum fee is £160 for a Type A case (e.g. unlawful deductions from earnings, i.e. you haven’t paid them what they are owed; unfair dismissal). Individuals can pay as much as £950 if they take a Type … Read more

Tales of an HR Services Expert – Day 14: Minimum Wage

Doing employees a favour doesn’t always work I was approached by a company to help with a situation that was baffling them. They had employed someone who wasn’t really as experienced as they would have liked, but they liked him and created a job for him. However what they also did was pay him less … Read more

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