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Your employees, however, well you get on with them, are there to earn money. Never forget this. So many small business owners make the mistake of treating employees like family or buddies. This is all well and good when things are going smoothly. But what happens when a downturn in business means you have to … Read more

Redundancy Pay – Zero hour contracts

So, to know how much you need to pay zero hours workers for redundancy, you need to look at the last 12 weeks of pay that they have received. You would discount any weeks that they haven’t actually worked, or they’ve been on holiday and you look at the last 12 weeks of actual work, and … Read more

Redundancy Communication – Not at risk

You are putting one department on risk of redundancy that department will have told the other departments by that afternoon. So, you need to be having a combined communication strategy. This means that someone (club manager, couple of committee members) are talking to the department that’s at risk. In the meantime, all the other employees … Read more

Furlough Communication – Zoom

So, you can use zoom a lot more. That’s a lot you can do a group meeting to talk to everybody on zoom, they don’t have to have their video turned on. And then inform them that way. You can talk to them on the telephone. You can talk to them by email, you can … Read more

Redundancy Costs

Costs of redundancy, so that you have this in mind is you need to do three weeks consultation. Which is a normal salary and you’re paying tax and national insurance on that. Plus, their notice period, which again, is their normal salary with tax and national insurance paid on it You can pay them in … Read more

Voluntary Redundancy

To make the process a bit easier is to ask for volunteers a little red man there putting up his hand. Voluntary redundancies, so the way to get people to volunteer for redundancy is to offer them more than they would have got if they were made compulsory redundant. So, if you might need to … Read more

Redundancy Pool

If you only have one person in your redundancy pool, the courts see that as unfair dismissal. They see it as a not a fair redundancy process they see it as the employer trying to get rid of one employee. And that is, unfortunately, going to be the case that many committees are going to say “oh … Read more

What other jobs do you have to offer them?

So you’ve spoken to them individually. You’ve offered them all the jobs that are open, you don’t make any decision at this stage about whether they are suitable for them or not. You don’t say, “Oh but that s not going to pay enough so therefore, I’m not going to offer it”. You offer every … Read more

Redundancy Process

The process normally is three weeks consultation – it is a grey area. The ACAS guide is that it should be a reasonable consultation period. I have argued with clients, who then didn’t stay clients for very long, that one day was a reasonable consultation period. No, it’s not and you don’t want to be paying a … Read more

Do I Have To Give Employees Redundancy Pay?

Yes! If you employ anyone, be it a cleaner, nanny, or sales person means that you have responsibilities under employment law.As is usual in law, ignorance is not a defence and will not protect you!You don’t need to pay redundancy to staff who have worked less than two years for you. You will obviously have to pay … Read more

Who Can They Bring To The Redundancy Meeting?

Solicitors in redundancy are always a hot topic – but you’re probably wondering where the law stands about this.. Can they bring a solicitor to the redundancy meeting? As you’d expect, we’re having a lot of conversations about redundancy at the moment, and if you’re sadly having to consider redundancy, then here are some must … Read more

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