You won’t guess what my festive ritual is….

You won’t guess what my festive ritual is….

I went in for my annual health check this week.

The “official” reason I go for a check each year is to ensure there aren’t any “hidden dangers”.

Unofficially, I want to see impact my dissolute lifestyle is having on my body, and whether I need to forego that extra mince pie (regardless of the outcome of the check, the answer is probably yes!).

I’ve been doing this little festive (!) ritual for the last five years, but last year I actually raised an official complaint.

You see, every time I’ve gone for the check (including last year), I’ve been sent a questionnaire to fill in the day before.

The following day, I’d turn up and be told to complete – by hand – the same details on a brand new identical form.

When I queried it, I was told that it was “because of data protection”, which is pretty much the same meaningless answer as “You can’t do that because of health and safety”.

For the first couple of years I merely disputed it, and when it didn’t get me anywhere I shut my trap.

But last year, enough was enough – I raised an official (and handwritten) complaint, suggesting that they had all the info electronically anyway, so why couldn’t they just print it off for me to sign?

And with that particular “beef” off my chest, I thought nothing more about it, until I returned this year, and hey presto, I was handed a printed and completed form for me to sign.


This put me in a good mood that lasted for the rest of the morning, seeing me through blood taking and the advice that I really should avoid the mince pies (and other nice things) a bit more!

What could you change in your processes to make your clients’ lives easier?

Even better, what are they currently moaning about but not telling you about (worst of all worlds), that’ll just take the addition of a proverbial straw to make them ex-clients?

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