What a palaver that was

What a palaver that was!

If you cast your mind back just a couple of weeks, you’ll remember the hoo-haa that preceded the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force.

Every Tom, Dick and Henrietta was emailing their list, asking them to ‘opt back in’, and snake oil salespeople galore were making money from the GDPR fear.

I decided to cut through the clutter, and provide a DIY GDPR For Golf Clubs product, containing all the templates you need to get GDPR compliant when it comes to handling your employees and their data.

And – unsurprisingly – I sold A LOT of them.

Running up to the May 25th deadline, the interest in them intensified, to the point where my team and I were super busy getting them out of the door in time.

It got me thinking though: people were taking action on a regulation that hadn’t even come into force yet, because they were scared of the repercussions of not taking action.

But despite that, every single week, every single day, golf club managers remain totally and utterly UN-compliant in numerous other areas of employment law.

So why don’t they sort those areas out too?  It’s simple: they haven’t been given a deadline.

The GDPR was big news – you only had to fire up the BBC website or turn on the radio and you heard about it, so the deadline was in peoples’ consciousness.

Other parts of employment law aren’t in the spotlight in the same way – not because they’re any less serious or relevant, but because they’re ALREADY part of law.

Which means that there isn’t POTENTIAL of risk, there IS risk.  It already exists.

I’ve little doubt that if I pored over your contracts or your employee handbook (if you haven’t got one then there’s a big clue there!) there’d be stuff that could cause you serious problems if there was a case made against you or you were summoned to tribunal.

You probably know that too.  But you’ve never got it sorted, because you’ve never had a deadline.

So now I’m going to give you one – for the next 10 days (up to 5pm on 30 June) I’m offering a completely free Tribunal Audit, where I personally review all your employee documents and explain exactly where you’re at risk, so you can take steps to get compliant.

Usually a Tribunal Audit would be an investment of £167 + VAT, but in a generous post-GDPR spirit, I’ve made the decision to offer them for free, for a limited time only.

To get yours, just hit reply or give me a call on 01491 598 600, and we’ll take it from there.

There really is very little required from you – you’ll just need to send me soft copies of your employee contracts and handbook, and make some time to go through the findings on the phone with me, that’s all there is to it.

And considering the repercussions if you don’t take action (hint, they’re likely to be far more serious than the GDPR sanctions), it simply doesn’t make sense not to take action.

Give us a call now on 01491 598 600, or hit reply and let’s get started.

P.S. Remember, I’m only offering these FREE tribunal audits for the next 10 days, so be sure to get in touch before then to secure yours.

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