Filling the GAP in HR services: Dirty little habit of mine

Filling the GAP in HR services: Dirty little habit of mine.

Since “lockdown” began, we’ve all been closer to our nearest and dearest than we ever thought we would be.

And in this strange, coronavirus world, some of our loved ones’ habits are bound to be seen as cause for justifiable manslaughter – “If he says ‘Stands to reason’ one more time…!”

Even more worrying than the alarming homicidal tendencies is the discovery of a dirty little habit of mine.

I’ll tell you but it has to stay between us.

Holiday p*rn.

Now that doesn’t mean watching it whilst on holiday.

Instead, it’s the few minutes I allow myself each day where I dream about how it could all be different.

Where I dare to fantasise of the time when we’re allowed out again, and start searching for my first post-CV holiday.

Part of the attraction is gambling on when “normality” will resume and we can actually leave the country – my current best guess/gamble is the last week in August, first week of September.

The process is further complicated because my kids were supposed to be doing A-Levels and GCSEs this year, and with no exams on the horizon, until the results come out, it’s difficult to know whether we’ll be scrabbling around to find an alternative university.

In the normal course of things I’d be able to predict that likelihood, based purely on the amount of revision being done and meltdowns that happen.

Now, nothing.

So I assume the end of August, clicking on travel sites, checking flights and watching Instagram videos of “perfect hotels”.

So far, I have almost booked a 5-day holiday at the Hilton in Pompeii – have wanted to go for a while.

The next day I almost booked a 7-night Caribbean cruise, with flights.

Both “fantasy bookings” were accompanied by a trawl through Viator to see the excursions I could do whilst in those destinations.

But here’s the sad part: each of these comprehensive searches result in me closing my browser down, rather than me receiving a confirmation email.

I am very much an optimist (unless we’re talking about employment law) but even I can’t book a holiday for the end of August without spending the time between then and now worrying about whether I am actually going to be able to take it.

So with nothing booked until next February half term, I will just have to keep indulging my little habit and remembering to not click “buy” instead of “cancel”.

Dirty little habit of mine







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