Employee works four days a week, including Mondays

The employee works 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday, full days.

For your part-time staff member, their bank holiday entitlement is:


In 2023 there are 9 bank holidays due to the coronation


4/5 or 80% of 9 bank holidays = 7.2 days = 7.5 days


Your employee works Mondays.

Most bank holidays fall on a Monday.

So they would usually have the time off AND will mainly be paid (see below).


They would be paid for 7.5 bank holidays in the holiday/calendar year:

  • Full paid but not working
    • 1 Jan, Easter Monday, 1 May, 8 May, 29 May, 28 August, 25 Dec
  • Half paid but not working
    • (unless they use part of their holiday entitlement to make up the difference)
    • 26 Dec.
  • Not paid and not working
    • Good Friday

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