What is the current default retirement age?

What is the current default retirement age?

I ask this during my presentations quite a bit, and get A LOT of different answers, with “65” being the most common

The real answer?  There isn’t one. It was abolished in October 2011, with a short transition period where you were allowed to give your employees six months’ notice of retirement.

That concluded in 2012.

What does that mean for you as an employer?

Quite a bit as it happens.

Most obviously, it means there is no “retirement” anymore.  The only way people leave is to resign.

You can’t wait for that awkward member of staff to retire, because there’s no guarantee they will.

You can’t put off managing a poor performer because they haven’t got long left, because you’ve got no idea whether they will.

However old your staff member is, if they’re not performing, they need managing.

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